2018 Bad Boy 4' Bad Boy Cutter

Call for Price

Bad Boy
4' Bad Boy Cutter



We're Putting A New Spin On A Winning Formula

We've built our entire reputation on the strength of our mowers and cutting decks.

Now we've brought our legendary build quality and reputation for virtually over-building our equipment to the rotary cutter market, delivering the best value in the industry by making it the perfect match for your hard work - and your tractor.

Engineered To Be Stronger At Every Point.

Point-for-point, weld-for-weld, compare the all-new Bad Boy Mowers Rotary Cutter to any other in the single drive five-foot or six-foot market and you’ll probably not only be surprised by the specs, but by the price as well.

  • Skid Plates: Replaceable 1/4" steel sleds for bearing the brunt as the first line of abuse.
  • Gearbox: Produce ripping fast blade speeds with slip clutch or shear pin clutch options.
  • PTO Cradle: Keeps PTO shaft from laying on the ground when stored.
  • Pivot Locking Top: Makes attaching cutter easier to connect at the top hitch pin.
  • Ride Along Storage: Instructions or other documents are stored protected on deck.
  • Rear Skid Plates: Protects the deck from damage when backing into tight areas or around trees.
  • Gear Box: 40hp heavy duty
  • Gear Box Mount: 3/8" steel
  • Deck Thickness: 10 gauge solid welded
  • Skirt Thickness: 10 gauge steel
  • Skid Shoes: 1/4'' Replaceable
  • Lift Attachment Brackets: 1/2" solid welded
  • Tail-Wheel Arm: 2-1/2"x2-1/2"x.180" designed to withstand rear tractor wheel lift off
  • Tail-Wheel: 4" x 15" puncture resistant bushing style
  • Stump Jumper: 12 splined, Standard duty, Pan style
  • Warranty: 3 year limited on gear box 2 year limited on deck
  • Weight: 600 Lbs
  • Length (Including Tail-Wheel): 88"
  • Total Width: 53 1/2"
  • Overall Height: 36 1/2"
  • Deck Height: 7"
  • Cut Range: 2''-10''
  • PTO Drive Shaft: Series 4 shear bolt or series 4 slip clutch
  • Blades: 1/2" x 3"
  • Tractor Range: 24-40 HP
  • Cutting Capacity: 2" diameter
  • Blade Tip Speed: 13,093 feet / minute
  • 3-Point Hitch: category 1
  • Blade Spindle: 1
  • Tractor PTO RPM: 540



Working Width
4 ft.
53 1/2 in.
88 in.
600 lb.
Recommended HP
24-40 hp


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